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Abrading and polishing metal pipes without compromise

The powerful swiss pipe sander for the metal-worker has been developed. Poly-Romy/1, with its movable arm, fits around all places. It simplifies the abrading and polishing of metal pipes significantly. Yields smoother results than polishing by hand or with conventional sanders. It's a tool, which increases productivity enormously, built for professionals.

Poly-Romy/1   Poly-Romy/1   Poly-Romy/1
simple   efficient   versatile
abrades and polishes 180° around the pipe to high polish in one step
no unmounting of emery belts at the posts
light-weight and handy
enormous time-savings compared to conventional methods
treats the inside and the outside of a pipe bend
fits around all pipes
quick and simple belt change
infinitely adjustable belt speed
economical use of emery belt